Friday, February 6, 2009

Arbi/Chamagadda/Taro Root Curry

I just love this stuff!! It's too bad we can only get it a few months out of the year. It's so easy to make into different varieties too. This is my all time favorite recipe with Arbi.


6 Arbi
Red Chilli Powder


Mustard Seeds
Urid Dal
Channa Dal
Red Chillies


Boil the arbi in a pressure cooker until soft. You can also do this on a stove top or in the microwave. Peel off the skin and set aside.
In a pan, heat about 3 tbsp of oil and add in the tadka ingredients. When the dal browns and the mustard seeds splutter, add in the boiled arbi pieces. Break it up a little bit with your fingers. It will mash as it heats.
Add in the turmeric, salt and red chilli powder. Mix well.
You are all set to serve this with rice or roti.

NOTE: If you don't like mashed arbi, you can boil the arbi the night before, peel and refrigerate the pieces. The next day, chop as desired and fry until they are brown.


rekhas kitchen said...

humm pallavi i never made arbi mashed looks intresting and Kohlrabi or noolkol is avegetable that we won't get in Andhra but you can get this in us that is very good in fiber i will post the recipes soon r u from Andhra

SriLekha said...

looks yum!

Swapna Pravin said...

Sounds different & interesting. Looks yummy:)

Andhra Flavors said...

hey it looks different. interesting one.

sagari said...

curry looks yummm pallavi

Suma Rajesh said...

looks yummy

Gayathri said...

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SriLekha said...

looks so good!

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