Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maggie Noodles


2 Maggie Vegetable Atta Noddles -- available in any Indian grocery store
2 Maggie Masala Packets -- come with the noddles
Vegetables of your choice -- I used Cabbage, Carrots, Green Peppers -- chopped finely
3 Green Chillies
Black Pepper


In a microwave safe bowl, add the noodles and enough water to soak the noodles. Heat the noodles in the microwave until they are just a little bit under cooked. (Took about 5 minutes in my microwave.) Drain and keep it aside.
In the same bowl, add the vegetables and fill it with water again. Heat the vegetables for 8 minutes or until they are soft. Drain.
In a deep pan, add about 2 tbsp of oil and add in the vegetables. If you feel that the vegetables did not cook completely in the microwave, they can be cooked further at this point. Add in the desired amount of salt and black pepper and the masala packets from the noodles. Fold in the noodles, so that everything is coated evenly.
Serve hot with ketchup or any sauce you like.
NOTE: Depending on my mood, I even add add some garam masala, dhania powder, and jeera powder to my noodles. I like my noodles more spicy some days than others.


SriLekha said...

that looks perfect and its my fav too!

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