Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Party!!!!

We had a few people over to our house for lunch yesterday and here's the menu. Recipes follow...

Curry Puff Rolls
Tomato Pickle -- My mother-in-law made this for us in India, I'll have to get the recipe from her.
Mango Pickle -- My grandma made this.
Gulab Jaamon -- I'm not any good at making desserts, so mom made these for me. They were delicious, I'll post a recipe later.


SriLekha said...

gulab jamun is looking perfect in its shape and made my mouth to water!

rekhas kitchen said...

wow my all time fav. they looks so so soft and very tempting mmm perfect menu pallavi I hope u enjoy the party

Yummy4Tummy said...

Gulab Jamun looks really delicious....Hey pallavi do you have recipe for authentic andhra Mango Pickle

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